Allison Arden

Allison Arden

The Elements of Us

The Elements of Us was created by CEO + Founder Allison Arden, working with organizations to empower well-being that fuels success. Prior to launching The Elements of Us, Allison served as Vice President + Publisher of Advertising Age, leading the brand through the most disruptive and inventive decade in its history. This experience provided a unique vantage point on an industry undergoing tremendous disruption, and a deep appreciation for the emotions that come with inspiring great change, growth, and innovation all while juggling the responsibilities of motherhood and life. The Elements of Us is the culmination of that experience.

Allison is a frequent speaker and panelist on topics including well-being in the workplace, minimizing burnout, finding purpose, and taking the leap for the second act. She is the author of The Book of Doing: Everyday Activities to Unlock Creativity + Joy helping people reawaken their sense of wonder and navigate the life|work blend. A Brooklyn native, Allison is the Chairman of the John A. Reisenbach Foundation, supporting programs to make New York a safer city, + serves as a board member for Materials For the Arts. She is currently working towards her Masters in Psychology at the Harvard Extension School, graduating in May 2024.

You can find her podcasts, The Elements of Us with Allison Arden, on your favorite podcast platform or at

10:25 am - 10:50 am

The Power of Our Platform

The last few years have fueled cultures fraught with burnout, quiet quitting, and disconnection. After close to a decade as publisher of Advertising Age, Allison Arden stepped off to build a company that makes well-being easier. Join Allison Arden on an exploration of the Elements that will reframe the opportunity we have to re-energize ourselves, our teams, and our companies and share a back to basics approach to use the power of our platforms to create a better, brighter future for all of us and generations to come.