Allyson Dietz

Allyson Dietz


Marketing expert with almost 20 years of global marketing and analytics experience. Consistently recognized as a top 20% performer for delivering client value and building client relationships through actionable insights, delivering against P&L goals, and team development. Exhibits strong leadership, problem solving skills, and ability to build relationships across diverse cultures and locations.

9:45 am - 10:45 am

How Do You Plan Your Career?

As individuals we are all over the personal vs professional risk map. We often work for companies like General Mills, L’Oreal and Nike. But we still must actively manage our careers and try to navigate our career objectives. We must also take care of our families and stay true to who we are as people. Some of us at large companies have highly creative, riskier ideas, but are we incentivized to try them? We want to fulfill our destiny, but we don’t want to get fired. What do we do?