Lou Alaimo

Lou Alaimo

Pim Brands

Lou is a Digital Commerce executive with a broad perspective rooted in consumer centricity. Lou has owned and operates several businesses in the candy/chocolate/specialty food space and is currently leading Digital Commerce for PIM Brands.

Marketing is Humanity First

Disruption is everywhere: fractured media, remote work, political and social unrest, AI and a continued shift to ecommerce are just a few of the issues organizations face each day. Unlike any other position, marketers are at the center of this disruption within brands. As marketers, we are charged externally with positioning and selling goods and services to customers, and internally we are the voice of the customer and, perhaps as a result, our shared humanity. How do we bridge this gap within our organizations?

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Roundtable. B: Reimagining the Marketing Organization for 2023

When did marketing start owning some of the revenue function? The maturity of e-commerce, funnel management, DTC, and micro-segmentation have blurred and colored outside the lines between marketing and revenue. What does the marketing organization of 2023 include? E-commerce? DTC? Are these separate units? Should you have a Center of Excellence or does that expertise belong in brand teams? How do you integrate continuous feedback, grow expertise, balance internal and external resources all the while growing your people, bolstering productivity and fostering collaboration? Big questions, let's all walk away with knowledge to evolve our organizations for 2023 and beyond.