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Dear Friends,

Today The Room is honored and excited to announce that we are entering into a strategic partnership with the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

Let me relay why this collaboration is a big deal for you, for us and for the industry. By the way, you can also read of the many positive aspects of our arrangement in the linked Press Release:

So, maybe you are not well versed on the AAF? It’s understandable and probably by design. I believe this Ad Trade Group, all 115 years long of it, may not be as flashy and well known as the other ones (I know….Marketers not being promotional is an oxymoron), but it seems to be the industry’s oldest, best kept secret. With their A-List leadership and progressive initiatives, of diversity and policy advancement, to professional and university chapters to their legendary awards. The AAF tends to focus on intellect, advancement and outcomes over noise. A better place to be these days for sure.

As you may know, The Room brings senior marketers together in private, bespoke forums to discuss common challenges and opportunities in marketing and advertising. Partnering means a larger marketing community has access to our bespoke events and The Room is now positioned to augment the amazing work this institution brings to the marketing industry.

I have personally been involved with the AAF for quite a long time, first by competing in their National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) in college. This unique contest essentially provides Marketing career bound students with a real-life Campaign exercise, of developing one from beginning to end, from Research and Strategy to Creative and Design to Distribution and Analytics to it’s final Sell in the Board Room. Beyond classes, all who were involved in putting “the book” together received a precursory run through of what’s to come from their future Industry. Basically an internal Internship that set up students for success. A priceless experience that The Room will now tap into for Brands that want to reach that elusive, evolving student and glean unique trends and insights.

I have known the AAF for two other differentiating and distinctive purposes as well; with their focus on Diversity and Inclusion via Mosaic and of their delivery on Legal Policies related to Advertising.

For D&I, the issue of promoting equality has long been an actionable priority for the AAF. Their programs attract and involve students and professionals from a variety of backgrounds into the Advertising industry, with the goal for our industry colleagues being equally reflective of society in the halls, the conference room, the c-suite and in brand campaigns. And similar to The Room’s recent dedicated forum on “Driving change for the African American Community” with Reverend Jesse Jackson as our Host, we look forward to generating further impact with Mosaic’s programming and events.

For Ad Policy, perfectly positioned on K Street in DC, the AAF is the voice in the Capitol for our industry’s progress and defense. From Ethics to Taxes to Safety, this Group faces off with lawmakers on a regular basis to ensure all parties, beginning with and for Consumers, receive a fair deal from Madison Avenue. The Room hopes to throw our hat into the political ring as we engage in industry advocacy, campaign strategies and more.

Last for the AAF, this venerated organization is behind two of the most exclusive Awards in the business, the Hall of Fame and Hall of Achievement. In an industry where there is a seemingly never ending list of trophies designed to congratulate ourselves, these two Awards are unique in that they are extremely limited in their number of Honorees and provided only to a few that have demonstrated career success as well as exemplified growth for society as a whole, whether civic or charitable. The Room here will be well suited to gather these star inductees into a private hosted forum just prior to the Award Shows.

Finally, as a friend of The Room, whether from a Brand, Agency, Publisher or Technology company, we believe that our alignment with this smart, nationally covered institution (30K Professional and 4K University Members) will help you and your firm’s professional growth and progress. From meeting new experts and innovative companies to aiding our efforts with diversity and students, we can’t wait to activate with you and look forward to our collective success.

Here’s to a better 2020!


Why you should support this 100+ year institution

What the AAF Does

AAF Mosaic Principals

Mosaic Center

The Mosaic Center is an established leader on multicultural marketing/advertising and inclusion issues. The Center’s mission includes the development of new programs and services to recognize and develop diverse talent and promote broad and realistic portrayals of multicultural communities. Some of these initiatives include:

Mosaic Principles

The APEX Speakers Bureau

Mosaic10 Consumer Moments
AAF Student Programs

Student Education

The AAF has more than 200 chapters across the U.S. and 5,000+ student members. For student members, the AAF provides valuable insights into the worlds of advertising, connections and even job opportunities that will help propel your advertising career. For educators at a college or university, college chapter membership is the perfect way to make an impact on students at your school who are looking to dive into the advertising industry.

AAF Advocacy

Industry Advocacy

The AAF protects and promotes advertising at all levels of government through grassroots activities. Their nation-wide network monitors advertising-related legislation on local, state and federal levels. They put their members face to face with influential lawmakers while encouraging self-regulation as a preemptor to government intervention, when appropriate of course.

AAF Awards Programs


The AAF takes pride in what the advertising industry has accomplished, as well as where it is heading. Their awards celebrate the achievements of professionals from college students to advertising legends, and our programs help propel careers and engagement within the advertising industry.