Bryan Warman

Bryan Warman

Warner Bros

Bryan is a senior entertainment executive with over 20 years of experience in global digital and campaign marketing for top entertainment properties including DC, Marvel, Wizarding World, LEGO, Mission: Impossible, Star Trek, Transformers, and the New Line Horror Universe. He has developed and executed award-winning integrated digital marketing campaigns for over 150 films for both Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures.

9:45 am - 10:45 am

Maybe It's Time to Change How You Target?

How and where you spend your marketing dollars is transforming. For many, a big part of the spend used to be driven towards brand loyalists. Today, we see loyalist targeting shifting towards organic and more working dollars allocated towards acquiring new customers. Amidst these trends, technology, legislative and platform changes are leading brands to (re)discover interest based targeting in place of traditional demos. The days of predetermining what becomes TV spot vs an online video targeted at women aged 35-44 are sun-setting as marketers plan with more sophistication. Marketers are thinking about quadrants, ’this appeals to brand loyalists’ and ’this to non-loyalists’, and what order of messaging is most effective. Compound these changes with how non media channels are playing into the interest based mix including the rise of influencers and the return of experiential. So, let's discuss how interest based targeting is reshaping how we think of targeting and what effectiveness means given these shifts in spending.