Jennifer Pelino

Jennifer Pelino

Jennifer Pelino advises the world’s top FMCG brands, retailers, media agencies and platforms on how integrated technology, analytics and data can significantly improve marketing effectiveness and efficiencies to drive marketing campaign performance and achieve measurable sales lift. Her global expertise crosses several critical business functions, including marketing, general management, innovation, analytics, and operations.

In addition to her brand strategy work, Jennifer is a recognized industry thought leader, frequent contributor to top advertising publications and a sought-after speaker for key industry organizations. She uses her industry position to champion diversity, inclusion and equity and equity and specifically conducts research to help accelerate the achievement of gender equality promoting the economic benefits of a diverse ecosystem.

Jennifer has an MBA in marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

9:45 am - 10:45 am

“You Are Only as Good As Your Team” How Generation X manages Millennials and Generation Z

Post-Pandemic management is an essential theme at this year’s Retreat as everyone deals with intergenerational management. Let’s emerge with a playbook to manage the challenges rampant on our zoom calls and in our hallways. Our teams are burned out, quietly quitting, insisting they work remotely, arguing over hybrid schedules and complaining that performance reviews are too severe. More than war stories you will be sharing innovative best practices and walking away with new tools to boost productivity, morale, and, as a result, performance.