Johanna Bauman

Johanna Bauman


Johanna Bauman is a seasoned marketer and business strategist with a track record of driving successful B2B marketing programs for technology companies. In her role as Chief Marketing Officer, she is responsible for all aspects of corporate marketing strategy, product marketing and sales enablement, brand development, events and communications globally. Johanna earned her undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and holds an MBA in Marketing, Strategy and Finance from the NYU Stern School of Business. When not leading marketing teams, Johanna enjoys her second job of being a mom to two young sons.

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

What’s Your Career Roadmap?: Navigating your career with Purpose, Grace and Ambition

What’s Your Career Roadmap?: Navigating your career with purpose, grace and ambition will facilitate a conversation about career pathing and how to move from step to step over time to build a career you love. We will touch on what it means to have a purposeful career and how to continue to pivot to stay true to what you’re really driving towards.