Paul Batz

Paul Batz

Good Leadership

An eternal optimist who believes the best in not only people, but in teams. Paul Batz has been changing the executive coaching industry through the work of Good Leadership for over 13 years as a speaker, bestselling author, and executive coach. Paul upholds the belief that “we” is greater than “me” and shows business leaders that good leadership is a team sport. With a tough-love attitude and emphasis on healthy tension, he and his team at Good Leadership work with business leaders and their teams to drive alignment, commitment, and open accountability around their breakthrough goals.

9:35 am - 10:25 am

The Blind Spot Every Leader Today Needs to Know About

Leaders today use data to run almost everything in their enterprise. And yet they run their executive teams on gut feel. Good Leadership today is both the art & science of working together to create great results. Paul Batz will share how good leaders get great results, without superhero energy.